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Guide to Bibliographies - Harvard

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Google Search Tips

Google searches can return thousands of sites. These  search results are generally a mixture of trustworthy and untrustworthy , irrelevant and relevant sites. Click on the link below for some simple tips to improve your search queries.

Did you know that  you can find specific words on a web page by using the short cut Ctrl F?  Did you know that by adding " site:edu "to your search terms ( eg" volcano site:edu") you can refine your search to sites by educational institutions.The following videos,created for Merspi by teacher librarian, Di Ruffles, give more search query tips. 

ClickView film on Online Research Skills. Sign in with your School log in details.

Ref Desk

World Book Online

ClickView Online

Echo Online

Creative Commons

Creative Commons

Creative Commons is a world wide non profit organization that provides free licenses to creators.  The aim is to foster creativity by facilitating  sharing and collaboration . There are five main types of  licenses, each represented by a symbol. Some licenses  allow for the sharing, reusing and remixing of material. Click on the link below to find out: more about the different licenses,  how you can  license your own creations, or to search for free images, text and music to use in your assignments.

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